Goal 3: 100% of our food products will be Responsibly Sourced and Prepared

Managing water responsibly

What’s the issue? 

The world’s water resources are coming under increasing stress. Climate change gives rise to erratic rainfall patterns, and exacerbates increased demand and supply infrastructure challenges. Water suppliers and consumers, including industry and businesses, all have a part to play in meeting this challenge.

What’s our approach?

As a member of the food and drink manufacturing industry, we use water in food preparation, production and cleaning. We work to conserve water provided we can do so without compromising food safety and hygiene.

By using water more efficiently, we can cut our costs at the same time as reducing pressure on water resources. We record and conduct water usage surveys at each of our manufacturing sites and use these to identify where we can reduce our water use cost-effectively. We also make sure that any effluent that leaves our premises has no negative impacts on water infrastructure or the environment.

All Iglo factories actively manage water use reduction projects to the highest standards and are certified to ISO 9000 total quality systems accreditation and to ISO 14001 environmental management systems.