Goal 3: 100% of our food products will be Responsibly Sourced and Prepared

Managing carbon emissions responsibly

What’s the issue? 

Climate change is one of the great challenges facing the planet. We need to use more sustainable energy sources, including renewable and more efficient forms of energy, whilst minimising any harmful effects on the environment.

What’s our approach?

Working to be efficient and reduce carbon emissions wherever possible is a part of our ‘Responsibly Prepared’ promise. By the end of 2020 we aim to have reduced carbon emissions by 30% compared to our 2006 footprint.

We participate in a series of mandatory energy monitoring and reduction schemes in the countries in which we operate in to help towards delivery of this target.

We invest in voluntary projects to reduce our energy emissions impact where it is efficient to do so.

We seek opportunities to reduce reliance on fossils fuels as an energy source where possible.