Goal 3: 100% of our food products will be Responsibly Sourced and Prepared

Responsible sourcing for meat, poultry and eggs

What’s the issue?

We are required to meet all EU regulatory standards for rearing and processing of meat products.

After the recent horsemeat scandal, there are general concerns about the origin and authenticity of red meat products.

What’s our approach?

We operate a proprietary Code of Practice for Poultry and Red Meat, covering full traceability back to origin, standards of rearing and of processing to enable us to meet our ‘Responsibly Sourced and Prepared’ promise.

For example:

  • For beef: We work to achieve the highest standards where we use beef as an ingredient. We operate an internal and external third party audit scheme for all suppliers. This includes many checks, including DNA tests, to verify the authenticity of the beef in our products.
  • For poultry: We require all our vegetable based poultry feed to be sourced from conventional agricultural areas not from deforested land and do not permit the use of any medicines to promote artificial growth. 
  • For eggs: All eggs for Iglo products, whole egg, egg whites, egg yolks and cooked eggs are from barn reared birds not cage reared birds.