Goal 2: 100% of our innovation will help consumers make healthier meal choices

Developing nutritional balance in diets

What’s the issue?

The UN’s FAO estimates that a third of the world’s population is obese. That’s nearly 2.1 billion people in all. There is widespread concern about the general health consequences of this rise in obesity.

What’s our approach?

We use an independent Nutrition Advisory Board to guide our nutrition strategy. This is made up of academic experts from each of our major country markets, and allows us to understand the cultural dynamics around food and nutrition.

Our Nutrition Advisory Board meets at least twice a year for discussions with our CEO, R&D Director and Company Nutritionist. We integrate its guidance on policy and achieving nutritional balance into our Forever Food Together program.

We have adopted an externally recognized Nutrient Profiling system to assess the nutritional profile of our products, guide development on new recipe development and highlight ways to improve existing recipes so they meet our Forever Food Together 2020 Nutrition targets.

Iglo Group also operates a Nutrition Policy, and recognizes it within our Marketing to Children Policy.

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