Goal 3: 100% of our food products will be Responsibly Sourced and Prepared

Managing packaging responsibly

What’s the issue?

Responsible food packaging must balance the need to protect food and ensure food safety in a way that meets regulatory requirements with the need to manage packaging more sustainably and enable recycling.

What’s our approach?

One of our Forever Food Together promises is that all of our food will be ‘Responsibly Sourced and Prepared’. Under this promise, we will work to make sure our packaging reflects consumer preferences and choice whilst delivering our food safely, and working to minimize packaging and food waste.

All packaging suppliers have to be approved by us and make sure that all packaging materials for direct food contact are safe and produced according to EU regulatory requirements. We use a “Packaging Clearance Protocol” to make sure nothing gets into our products that isn’t meant to be there.

Our policy is to design all our packaging using the minimum amount of material that can protect our food and make sure that it’s easy and convenient to prepare.

We use widely recognized labelling systems to make people aware of how packaging can be recycled and recovered. And we are working to make sure that all our natural packaging, such as fresh fiber, comes from certified responsibly managed sources.