Goal 3: 100% of our food products will be Responsibly Sourced and Prepared

Managing waste responsibly

What’s the issue?

EU countries are estimated to waste 89 million  tonnes of food, and this will reach 126 million tonnes by 2020 without action to reduce it.

The European economy also loses a significant amount of potential 'secondary raw materials’, which are thrown away rather than being recycled.

What’s our approach?

One of our Forever Food Together promises is to educate European consumers about how frozen food can help reduce food waste.

We have aligned our general waste management targets to EU policies for the countries where our factories are based, and we continue to seek to improve our standards by minimising waste in our supply chain.

We send nothing to landfill in the UK and are working to achieve the same standard everywhere we operate.

Our factories manage waste reduction to the highest standards and are certified to ISO 9000 total quality systems accreditation and to ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

We conduct research and develop new products and packaging to help our consumers minimise food waste at home and are increasing the proportion of materials that we recycle.

We re-use materials wherever possible, and only incinerate those that are not recyclable.