Goal 1: We will educate consumers across Europe to the unique advantages of frozen food and help tackle food waste

Food Resource Utilisation: How frozen food can help manage food resources better

What’s the issue?

According to the UN’s Food Agriculture Organisation, the World Resources Institute and the EU, a third of the food the world produces is lost or wasted.

Across the EU, it’s estimated that over 89 million tonnes of food is wasted every year and this is predicted to reach 126 million tonnes by 2020.

With the world’s population predicted to reach 8 billion by 2020 - it’s more important than ever that we value our food more than ever to help feed our growing populations.

What’s our approach?

Forever Food Together is our response to the fact that the world faces a food security challenge and that the EU, where Iglo feeds millions of people, is vulnerable to fluctuations in the global food supply.

We play a leading role in the development of long-term food supplies by developing and supporting the implementation of sustainable food verification schemes for Fisheries and Agriculture. We do this in partnership with many stakeholders including our own people, fishermen, farmers, growers, other suppliers, non-governmental organisations and policymakers.

We operate manufacturing processes that are designed to minimise waste. Where waste is unavoidably generated we segregate to aid recycling where possible and process the remainder for energy recovery without resorting to landfill.

We helped with  research for WRAP’s first UK Love Food Hate Waste campaign in 2008 and are continuing the journey to understand more about the opportunities to maximise resources across our food supply chains.

We are committing to educating European consumers about the benefits of frozen food and we will continue to partner with others to reduce food waste.

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