Growing our vegetables more sustainably

Our Forever Food Together agricultural programme combines responsible land and soil management practices with vegetable growing and harvesting requirements which are unique to Iglo.

They are a key reason for the characteristic eating and nutritional properties of two of our most important vegetables that we grow in Europe, peas and spinach.

For example, every pea that Iglo sells has been frozen within 2.5 hours of being picked and this results in a locked-in fresh taste.

Our long standing programme is famous in the UK, Italy and in Germany where we invite tourists to visit our spinach operations during harvesting season to see for themselves how their food is grown.

Our agriculture growing programme covers a 70 point standard that has to be followed by our growers and goes beyond what’s required by most other farm assurance schemes. Together we collectively manage over 12,000 hectares of land.

Some of the measures we take include managing soil quality, reducing soil compaction by using partly inflated tyres whilst in the field, to encouraging biodiversity through the use of boundary strips.

All of our pea and spinach operations are independently audited and meet either ISO 14001 (environmental management systems standard) or GlobalGAP standards for best agricultural practice.

We use an on-pack code to help those enjoying our food to trace their vegetable back to the growing area.