Asking the experts in Nutrition

When we work to create more nutritionally balanced meals, we do so in conjunction with independent nutrition experts from across Europe.

The Iglo Nutrition Expert Advisory Board brings together four of the most respected academic experts on food and health with our own experts to help us understand the state of Europe’s diet.

Our Nutrition Expert Advisory Board is chaired by our CEO and meets twice a year and provides important guidance to enable us to meet our Forever Food Together promises.

Their key areas of work include:

  • supporting our work to develop and implement our Nutrient Profiling Tool, which supports our commitment to ensure that 100% of all the new products we develop by 2020 will result in helping consumers make more balanced meal choices.
  • recommendations to help people eat in a more balanced way
  • nutrition messaging advice for our food packs

Our independent Nutrition Expert Advisory Board members are:

  • Dr Helmut Heseker, Professor of Food Science at Paderborn University
  • Prof Judith Buttriss, Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation
  • Prof Andrea Poli, President of the Nutrition Foundation Italy, lecturer in nutrition and health at the University of Parma
  • Prof Karl-Heinz Wagner, Study Dean of Nutritional Sciences, research platform “Active Ageing”, Nutritional Sciences University of Vienna