How freezing prevents food loss and food waste

We believe that freezing is one of the most responsible food preservation methods on the planet – and we know that it dramatically reduces the amount of food that is lost or wasted.

Freezing extends shelf life and locks in nutrients. It reduces the amount of food that is spoiled and thrown away at all points in the supply chain, and new research from Sheffield Hallam University has shown how it can help cut down the amount of food that is wasted in the home.

The university’s independent study of 83 households showed that a typical household wastes 10.4 per cent of fresh food and 5.9 per cent for frozen food. In the study, 47% less frozen food was reported to have been wasted than fresh food. 

You can read full details of the study in the British Food Journal.

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With kind permission of Dr Martindale, Sheffield Hallam University, UK; published in the British Food Journal; July 2014