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Europeans typically eat less fish in their diet than recommended by nutritionists, due to their perceptions of the inconvenience of preparing and cooking fish and the polarising taste. As the leading provider of branded fish across Europe we want to make it easy and appealing for people to eat more fish. 

We pioneered the launch of the Fish Finger in 1955 and since then, by staying close to consumers and implementing continuous technology development, we have broadened our range with natural fish and seafood as well as many types of battered and breaded fish. Innovative oven ready recipes include Schlemmer Filet (Gourmet Fish Filets) and more recently the award-winning Bake-to-Perfection (BTP) range in their convenient straight-to-the-oven bags.

For generations, under the stewardship of the Captain, we’ve offered choice for consumers, by combining great taste, quality and nutrition, and a wide variety of family meal options that help people enjoy fish ‘twice a week’ as recommended by European nutritionists.