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Healthy lifestyle

Creating foods that make it easier for you and your family to lead a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of everything we do

If you're concerned that buying convenient, frozen food is less healthy than using fresh produce, we're delighted to tell you there's no need to worry. It's an established scientific fact that frozen vegetables can contain more vitamins and nutrients than so called 'fresh' products.

Our Healthy Lifestyle Policy

That's because we cut down on the time that vitamins can be lost between harvest and home preparation - by freezing them to lock in the freshness. Nutrients and vitamins: that's what we lock in to all of our foods.

What we've stripped out are additives, preservatives, artificial colourings and artificial flavourings. In fact, our food is made using only the ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen cupboard. We hope you think that's reassuring. And although we're all encouraged to eat 5-a-day and make sure we eat a healthy, balanced diet, in today's busy world, it can be difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So we include products in our range to help you get that varied, balanced diet - with no mess and no fuss. Things like our Bake to Perfection fish range. Every meal is easy to prepare - there's no need to touch raw fish, and there's no special skill involved. There are also no unwanted aromas in the kitchen: just perfectly cooked, delicious fish without the fuss.

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