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Our delicious Prawns come from a small group of farmers who we have selected because of the way they farm and harvest their production.

The farmers run their businesses in a responsible fashion which means they operate to very strict standards to deliver the highest quality and freshness, whilst constantly managing the impact they have on their local environment and community.

We have regular, direct contact with our suppliers to ensure that farmers operate to safe, legal and responsible farming practices as well as ensuring that packing follows our strict food hygiene and care standards.

But what does Responsible Farming really mean? Well in essence it essentially requires the management of our Shrimp farming and packing operations, from farm to plate to be responsibly managed taking due care for all aspects of the farming and packing operations to defined standards. This includes factors such as prawn health, feed regimes and water quality, which together allows us to offer you great tasting Prawns – this is why we are so passionate about them.  

In addition to the above Iglo standards, our farmers are selected only if they work to ensure that suitable social standards are in place for employees and there are defined standards for managing the reduction to any environmental impact.

These criteria are very important to us because they form a key part of our Forever Food sustainability programme for Prawn farming where we have our own Code of Practice. All of our suppliers hold one of two widely recognised industry certifications to verify to our standards and these help guide farmers in managing their operations responsibly.

For reference these independently assessed standards are called GAA-BAP (Global Aquaculture Alliance – Best Aquaculture Practice) and Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certification schemes.

We believe that we should collectively benefit from the development opportunities that farming in any community brings. This can involve anything from suppliers providing recreational leisure facilities on site at their factories so employees can enjoy varied recreational pursuits to providing daily meals for employees. This helps contribute to happier farmers who are committed to delivering excellence in every prawn.

Other suppliers have donated a share of their profits to planting mangroves in their local communities (of which a bit more detail follows below) or to local schools to improve the education of the local children. These examples illustrate how development in a region can be managed by responsible businesses for the benefit of all concerned.

In bringing all this together, we believe that these efforts make for happier farmers and happier farmers produce better tasting Prawns. We really hope you agree!

A Case Study example: Re-planting of Mangroves

“One of our suppliers has engaged in a programme to replant mangroves in the local area. Mangroves are a critical way of protecting the natural environment in this area of the world.

They serve critical ecosystem functions including stabilizing soil erosion, reducing wave energy and storm surges, diminishing the effect of high winds, filtering run-off entering coastal waters from rivers (sedimentation and bio filtering), maintaining water quality for inland aquaculture, providing habitat for many birds and marine organisms, performing a nursery function for marine and estuarine species, being used by humans for food gathering (e.g. fish, reptiles, shrimp, crabs) and other uses (e.g. construction materials, fuel wood, employment), and carbon sequestration.

We're proud to be associated with such suppliers for whom successful and efficient farming is central to their existence and development”