We want to make sure that you have food to eat – forever

We've been putting our consumers at the heart of everything we do for generations. That's why most families are familiar with our great tasting products.

But, we also take care to bring you food that has been sourced responsibly and ethically too - and we have been doing this for years.

We think this is important because today there's widespread concern about the ways we're all affecting our planet, its natural weather systems and its ability to provide us with the resources we need to live. It's impacting our ability to feed growing populations, and is a source of great focus by policymakers and responsible companies.

For a long time, we've recognised the delicate balance of nature and the Earth's ability to supply us with food. 'Forever Food' is our unique sustainable development programme - it's our positive contribution to the challenges we all face.

Pioneering Sustainable Development

We pioneered freezing technology to extend the shelf life of food, and whilst working to lock in freshness and nutrients, we revolutionised our peas harvest-to-freeze time to be less than 2 1/2 hours.

Today families eating frozen food can choose to serve as much food as they need at any one time, and this helps reduce food waste.

In looking to bring you food in a more responsible way, we've introduced ground-breaking sourcing and buying methods over the last 10 years, and are still pioneering the way forward. We've developed solutions that take great care to reduce the impact on the land and in the sea as we bring you food to eat forever.

As you find out more about our Forever Food programmes and policies, you'll discover our commitments and efforts - there are over 125 steps in total - on our Forever Food Journey.  The aim is to help you understand the fragile nature of our food resources and how this relates to our daily lives.

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