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Our driving ambition is to establish a premium brand and clearly differentiate ourselves from competitors who offer commodity products.
We’ve designed and operate a ‘virtuous circle’ with five imperatives that drive all of our business decisions.
2011 reprise diagram

1. Clear focus on our core market segments of Fish, Poultry and Vegetables

These segments account for over €7bn in the frozen food market in Western Europe and are in natural growth as consumers both shift their protein preference away from red meat and seek to increase the amount of vegetables in their diet.

2. Operate a category / country matrix

We operate a category / country matrix in order to leverage the many similarities in consumer behaviour, but also to reflect real differences especially in the retail trade. We operate with a small category team at the centre, which develops a strategic innovation and productivity pipeline which the countries adapt and implement. We believe that Iglo Group is one of the few food businesses in Europe to operate in this way.

3. Focus branding behind one equity – Birds Eye, Findus (Italy) or Iglo

Our brands have a common identity and common consumer drivers. This makes for a simple and efficient marketing model.

4. Drive business simplicity by driving big idea innovation

Our core focus and category organisation allows us to run a centralised supply chain and R&D function and focus the business on fewer, bigger initiatives. This has allowed us to drive market beating productivity and working capital management.

5. Hire and develop great people

At Iglo Group, we firmly believe that people make strategy happen, and so have a strategic focus on them. We remain successful at hiring talent from outside the Group and work hard at creating a competitive results orientation by our remuneration system. Additionally, some of our top managers have equity in the Group which drives them to create long term value in the business.