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On November 2nd 2015 Nomad Foods, the company which acquired Iglo Group in June 2015, announced the completion of the acquisition of the Southern European and Nordic businesses of the Findus Group.

Iglo Group and the Findus businesses have come together to create a new company which is Europe’s biggest frozen food company with number 1 positions in 9 countries - UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Spain. We are a €2 billion company and we employ over 4,300 people in 15 countries, with 10 factories.

The new company will become Nomad Foods Europe in early 2016 when we will re-launch our website.

Until then, you can explore more about the new company and the great tasting food we produce by visiting these websites:

BirdsEye Ireland              http://www.birdseye.ie/

BirdsEye UK                       http://www.birdseye.co.uk/

iglo Portugal                      http://www.iglo.pt/

iglo Belgium                       http://www.iglo.be/nl-be

iglo Netherlands             http://www.iglo.nl/

iglo Germany                    http://www.iglo.de/

iglo Austria                         http://www.iglo.at/

iglo Hungary                      http://www.iglo.hu/

iglo France                         http://www.iglo.fr/

Findus Italy                        http://www.findus.it/

Findus France                   http://www.findus.fr/

Findus Finland                 http://www.findus.fi/etusivu

Findus Sweden                http://www.findus.se/

Findus Norway                  http://www.findus.no/

Findus Spain                     http://www.findus.es/

Findus Foodservice Finland    http://www.autotaitto.fi/findus-tuotekortit/

Findus Foodservice Denmark http://www.findusfoodservices.dk/

Findus Foodservice Sweden   http://www.findusfoodservices.se/

Findus Foodservice Norway   http://www.findusfoodservices.no/

Findus Foodservice Spain: http://www.findusfoodservices.es

Lutosa                 www.lutosa.com

La Cocinera        www.lacocinera.es